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Improving Schools and Slowing Property Taxes
Protecting the Vulnerable
A Bipartisan Leader
132nd Legislative District


If you are looking for an ideologue, that isnít me. Iím proud of my values, but have always considered myself to be a pragmatist. I am not a political bomb-thrower, but Iíve sought to build relationships with Republicans in order to bring projects, jobs and legislation home for the people of the 132nd district.

  • A vote for compromise: If there was a compromise vote, odds are, I was a part of it. On multiple occasions throughout my legislative career, I voted for compromises on major issues, including on pension reform, liquor modernization, transportation improvements and multiple budgets. Last year, I even voted against Democratic Party leadership, and my own Governor, to make sure that school funding was distributed in a manner which brought funding home to Allentown and Parkland School Districts.

  • Endorsed by leading Republicans: Iíve been endorsed by four current and former Republican members of the Parkland School District, including:

    • School Board Director & President David Kennedy
    • School Board Director & Vice President Lisa Roth
    • School Board Director Carol Facchiano
    • Former School Board Director & President Roberta Marcus

      In their own words, hereís why:

      ďWeíve always prided ourselves in working in a bipartisan manner in the Parkland School District, and Iím endorsing Mike because he has always behaved the same way. Heís fought for the Parkland School District, helping to bring home over $5 million in state aid since the 2010 cuts. He even voted against his own Governor to make sure that a critical construction reimbursement was included in last yearís budget.Ē - Director David Kennedy

      ďAs a Parkland School Director, Iíve seen Mikeís dedication to the district up close. Heís one of the most active members of our delegation, always attending events, keeping in touch with Directors, and making sure that heís doing everything he can to help our school district. This election isnít about party, itís about competency and effectiveness, and thatís why Iím supporting Mike Schlossberg.Ē Ė Director Lisa Roth

      ďWe could always count on Mike to do what was best for the students, taxpayers and staff of Parkland. We never needed to question his dedication, commitment or effectiveness for the people of the Parkland community. Mikeís reelection is putting the right person in the right job.Ē Ė Director Roberta Marcus

  • Passing legislation: The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has a 119-84 Republican majority, and the State Senate has a Republican majority of 31-19. Yet, in the past year, Iíve passed three major pieces of legislation, including:

    • Protecting rape victims:†Before the Rape Victims Protection Act had passed, rape victims were in a terrible situation. Under previous Pennsylvania law, a rape victim who had a child as a result of the rape could only do one of two things: Sue the rapist for child support, or have the rapistís child custody rights revoked. She could not do both. This was an unacceptable loophole, and legislation which I wrote closed it. My portion of this law allowed a woman to seek child support while terminating parental rights. I am proud to say that the bill was signed into law by Governor Wolf earlier this year.

      • Protecting domestic violence victims:†I am the author of House Bill 12, which was signed into law by Governor Wolf in April 2016. That bill does two things. First, it allows a spouse whose spouse had been convicted of a crime against them to get a divorce in 90 days instead of the standard two years. Second, it removes the ability of a judge to mandate counseling when one party had a Protection from Abuse order against the other.

    • Securing children in cars:†Working with Senator Browne, I wrote a law which requires children who are two and under to be in a rear-facing childseat; previously, no such requirements existed. Multiple studies show that riding this way makes kids safer, and I'm proud to say, once again, that Governor Wolf signed this bill into law earlier this year.

  • Voting for property tax relief: Property taxes are a major problem for this area, and particularly for Allentown, which has the highest property taxes in the Lehigh Valley. Thatís why Iíve worked hard to enact real property tax relief. Iíve voted for legislation which would have increased the rebate in the Property Tax/Rent Rebate, and voted for plans which would have reduced or eliminated property taxes for seniors, disabled adults and veterans. Iíve also voted for record funding for our schools, taking the pressure off local school districts and lowering their need to raise property taxes.

How did this happen?

Easy: I focus on finding common ground, building relationships and working together on issues of mutual concern. As I said before, Iím not an ideologue Ė I focus on getting things done for the people of my district. Thatís how Iíve become one of the more effective members of the House Democratic caucus.


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Improving Schools and Slowing Property Taxes
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